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Fragrance Melts Or Wax Tarts

Fragrance Melts Or Wax Tarts

Melting fragrance melts or a wax tart in a tart warmer is a wonderful way to add fragrance to your surroundings. A Fragrance melt is made by adding fragrance oil to wax. At Essential Pleasures we have over 400 fragrances to choose from and use special waxes for maximum fragrance throw.

A tart warmer is designed to melt the wax tart at the correct temperature to release the fragrance. The amount of fragrance released is determined by the size of the wax pool. The wax used for making wax tarts is selected for its fragrance throw and it s ability to not stick to the container for easy cleanup and change-out. A large number of tart warmers Essential Pleasures carries a large variety of warmers, both tea light and electric come with separate bowls. The bowl, if used with the right kind of fragrance melt wax can be cleaned by placing the cooled bowl in a freezer for a few minutes. The frozen wax will pop right out of the bowl leaving it clean and ready for the next use. When a fragrance melt is used in an electric tart warmer, you end up with a strong fragrance similar to burning a candle without the flame. As mentioned above, Fragrance melts have the advantage of easily changing fragrances by placing the cooled bowl or entire warmer in the case of a one piece in a freezer for a few minutes to pop out the wax and reuse. In addition the popped out wax can be saved in a plastic baggy for future use.

The color of fragrance melt has nothing to do with the fragrance or amount of fragrance in a fragrance melt. Most fragrances are colorless or amber in color. Color is added to the wax at the time fragrance is added to make the melts similar to the fragrance they represent. If no color is added the melts would end up an off-white or amber color.
We carefully measure and add the same amount of fragrance to every melt to insure consistent quality. The amount of fragrance throw is mostly dependent on the fragrance chosen. Not all fragrances have the same throw. Different individuals have different tastes in fragrances. We are often asked what our favorite fragrance is. Our favorite fragrance is not always our best selling fragrance. Some individuals like a musk scent while others enjoy a flower smell. Some prefer a baked goods fragrance while others choose a fruity smell. For example, we offer a peach fragrance that I swear smells like you just bit into a fresh peach. We sell a carrot cake fragrance that smells like a carrot cake baking in the oven. One of our customers told us once that she was melting carrot cake in her warmer when her son stopped by for a visit. The son stayed and sat for a while finally he turned to her and asked when the cake would be finished baking. He honestly thought she had a carrot cake in the oven. We also have a fragrance called pikaki, which smells just like a Hawaiian Lai.

We offer our fragrance melts in three different sizes, a heart shaped melt, a tart shaped melts, which we call single melts and a breakaway bar that can be separated into six pieces. . For larger tart warmers we recommend using two heart shaped melts or one single melt which is equal to two heart melts. The fragrance throw is dependent on the fragrance and the size of the wax pool the wax should not be heated to a temperature over 180 degrees. As with any wax product do not leave wax melting unattended and keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Felecia Cortes is the owner of essential Pleasures LLC. Felecia has been producing quality fragrance melts (wax tarts) candles reed diffusers and air fresheners for over five years. She has vast experience and knowledge in the area of high quality wax products. For more information visit –

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